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Now You Can Be a Film-Maker

Would you like to become a film-maker? If so, check out Aggreg8, which calls itself a “totally new format for creating a community-based short film”. The project is inviting everyone to submit one-minute videos, the best of which will be used to make a film about the health of our oceans. The deadline for submissions is the end of March 2013.

Go to Aggreg8′s intro video for instructions.

Here is more complete information from sponsors:

Aggreg8 is a totally new format for creating a community based short film. Instead of one person making the movie, the whole community can add segments to the film, in this case, one minute of the movie will be added each week. The theme for Aggreg8′s global debut in Hong Kong is “My Ocean…….” So, one person will “start” the movie by creating the first minute, and each week, people will compete to make the next minute of the movie. The community will then vote to see which minute “joins the film.” By the end of 6 weeks, the community will have created a 6-minute film called “My Ocean…..” This will then be shown at the HK-SF Ocean Film Festival Prizes for the winner each week include a helicopter flight over Hong Kong from Helishots HK, and a free diving certification class from Splash, so you can see the ocean from below and above the water!