SW US Solar map

What’s Your Potential for Renewable Energy?

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO., offers maps that show the potential for solar power, wind power, geothermal and other renewable energy systems in different areas of the United States.

If you’re exploring the potential for renewable energy in your part of the country, check them out.

You’ll find NREL’s solar resource maps here, and its maps of the best areas for concentrating solar power here.

Other resource maps address biomass potential, geothermal energy, and wind power.

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Community Renewable Energy Development Tool

Is your community interested in renewable energy? If not, consider its benefits: It does not pollute; it makes your community more self-sufficient; it contributes to the important goal of reducing the emissions that cause climate change; it keeps dollars in your community.

The second question is whether renewable energy is practical and cost effective in your part of the country. To find out, use this new tool developed by the Department of Energy. Click here