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Everything You Want to Know About Climate Communications

Want to know how to talk about climate change in your community? How to make the moral case for climate action? What the experts say about effective climate communications?

The Resource Innovation Group offers an excellent collection of resources based on listening to the needs of “climate practitioners”.  TRIG’s describes its mission this way:

A bridge between research and action. For years, we at TRIG’s Social Capital Project have been hearing from climate practitioners that this is what they need. Those in government and nonprofits trying to communicate to the public about climate change say that they often lack the time and resources to digest the latest research and incorporate it into their campaigns. Similarly, researchers wish to know more about how their findings are playing out in the field. Everyone wants to know what they need to know, and to have it available at their fingertips.

Climate Access is that bridge.

In the fall of 2011, The Resource Innovation Group’s Social Capital Project, in partnership with the Rutgers Initiative on Climate and Society and theStonehouse Standing Circle, launched Climate Access to provide climate communications thinkers and doers with access to the necessary tools, knowledge and people. This is all in the name of increasing public support for climate policies and engagement in programs that help people, organizations and communities change their energy and other carbon-intensive behaviors.

TRIG’s website provides links to a Resource Hub, a compilation of communications and behavior-change campaigns, a blog, roundtables and a frequently updated collection of “tips and tools”.

Check it out.