1. We create the future we want, despite the constant push and pull of the waves of conformity. Those of us that are blinded by our own ignorance to the reality that life is but a ball of clay – a mendable piece of art that we should embrace, and sculpt into whatever we’d like it to represent – are the one’s that revolt; they’re the one’s that wake up too late, and demand for what they’ve neglected their entire life, as though freedom is justly theirs’. The one’s that realize it young, and harness the beauty of creation, and limitless potential, are the one’s that change the world. You’re life, the sadness, the happiness, the guilt, the envy, the constant metamorphosis that is the world is all but a perception. You’re perception of reality is the strongest force in this universe. It’s what created us. It’s what sustains us. Because if we weren’t here to see the universe….would there be one at all?

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