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Masdar City is an emerging global hub for renewable energy and clean technologies that positions companies located here at the heart of this global industry. A place where businesses can thrive and innovation can flourish, Masdar City is a modern Arabian city that, like its forerunners, is in tune with its surroundings. As such, it is a model for sustainable urban development regionally and globally, seeking to be a commercially viable development that delivers the highest quality living and working environment with the lowest possible ecological footprint.

How will it improve our quality of life?

It is a community where cutting-edge cleantech research and development, pilot projects, technology testing, and construction on some of the world’s most sustainable buildings are all ongoing. As such, Masdar City offers a fertile environment that inspires creativity and growth to organisations operating in this strategic and dynamic sector. As an emerging hub and a magnet for talent, financial capital and entrepreneurship in the fast-evolving renewable energy and cleantech industry, Masdar City provides a unique competitive advantage to companies, other organisations and ancillary service providers operating in, and serving this sector.

Triple Bottom Line Benefits

Half the world’s population now lives in cities, a percentage that is expected to rise to 70% by 2030, and because cities today are responsible for over 70% of global CO2 emissions. But, only if sustainability is economically feasible will enough communities be able to implement the technologies and systems, and do so on a big enough scale to achieve meaningful progress in this realm. That’s why Masdar City is not only committed to building one of the most sustainable cities in the world, and one that is an attractive place to live, but also to achieving this in a commercially viable manner.

Issues, Barriers and Opportunities?

From our experience planning, designing, developing and operating a sustainable city, achieved by deploying the latest commercially viable technologies, and integrating them in systems that deliver further cost and resource savings – we know how to deliver sustainability in a way that makes sense financially. Creating any sustainable urban development or re-development requires a unique focus across all areas of design, development and operation. Five of the most important are: planning and design, power, water, transport and supply chain.

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