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World Business Council’s Roadmap to Sustainability

How, exactly, can we reach a world in which 9 billion people are experiencing a decent quality of life? The World Business Council for Sustainable Development offers an answer: a detailed roadmap of what we need to do to achieve that goal by 2050.

The roadmap is the result of an 18-month consensus process that involved CEOs and experts from 29 global companies representing 14 industries. Another 200 companies and stakeholders were consulted. The results are illustrated in a large mural that shows 350 milestones, 10 tracks and 40 “must have” technologies and policies.

If we meet these milestones, the UBCSD says, we’ll have a decent chance of keeping atmospheric warming below 2 degrees Celsius — an ambitious goal because global emissions are still increasing.

Not everyone will agree with every recommendation illustrated on the WBCSD’s mural. But the WBCSD and the leader of this exercise, Bob Horn of Stanford University, deserve pats on the back for obtaining consensus among businesses around the world on so many milestones and goals. Tell us your reactions here. We’ve also posted the mural on the Solutions portion of our website and you can comment there.

Check out WBCSD’s Vision 2050 website for more details and for a version of the roadmap you can enlarge electronically for a better view of its many ideas.

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