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World Builder

This award-winning short film was produced by special effects artist Bruce Branit. While it doesn’t depict sustainable development, it’s not hard to imagine how the same visual effects could be used to illiterate the construction of a sustainable community. See the film at

  1. I enjoyed the personal connection to this visualization and the sense of emotion that it evokes.  It hints at why someone would want to design a future they want, but it comes at the design from mostly an aesthetic perspective without a strong connection between different social-ecological systems.  At 10 minutes, this would be more of a short than a clip and requires more incentive and investment from the viewer for this time commitment.  In terms of impact to create a sustainable future, I would give this a 7 out of 10.

  2. Vanessa Timmer

    This is an interesting addition.  I am drawn to the personal story and the way the holographic image comes to life.  It is not focused on sustainability although it does draw attention somewhat to an admiration of heritage buildings.  I find that it is a bit lonely when the woman is walking through this space alone.  It’s certainly interesting from the perspective of humans as designers of our urban landscape.  I agree that this could be a very powerful way to depict the creation of a sustainable community – I would personally be interested in seeing a number of people designing the community rather than one person.  It’s a very effective visual style.

  3. This award-winning short film was produced by special effects artist Bruce Branit. While it doesn’t depict sustainable development Mike J Burwell

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