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“We Can Do Better”

In 2011, Siemens sponsored a video contest titled “Changing Your City for the Better”. The topic was sustainable urban development. The contest, which was open to entries from all countries, called for videos of 2-5 minutes dealing with energy, mobility and buildings. It was framed as follows:

The world is a complicated place. Population growth, urbanization and climate change add to humanity’s challenges. In our battle to win the future, changing the world for the better, humanity has a powerful ally in technology. As sprawl and climate change continue to advance, we can use technology to improve our quality of life and also lessen the negative impact on our environment. Cities are one of the main places where these challenges are most obviously visible, and also where we can achieve the most. Cities can be made more sustainable by using eco-friendly products and implementing innovative energy and infrastructure solutions. 

The winner was this video by MOTIONSICKFX.

See it here.



  1. dwoollcombe

    1) Does it help
    people understand that we can “get there from here”?  Not if you were a Los Angeles resident – I doubt. Im not even American – so I was impressed. But – no! It does not begin to explain the green taxes, the congestion charges, or the incentives that would push Los Angelenos out of their cars and on to bikes. 4/10

    2) Does it offer
    a holistic vision? No – it is just concerned with mobility. 3/10

    3) Does it help
    create an emotional as well as intellectual understanding of sustainable
    development? Yes! Superbly. I really liked it. 9/10

  2. This was our #2 pick. We enjoyed this one because it advocated using mass transportation, bicycles, and green energy. It seemed very focused only on LA and the concepts were not generalized to make them work for most cities but the video was fun and easy to watch. This was a close second for us but overall it didn’t hit all of the things the Kansas City video did. 7/10

  3. This video does an effective job about changing transportation infrastructure towards more environmentally friendly technologies and design, as well as instills a desire to change the community in which you live.  There are definitely elements that are lacking from a holistic perspective, but it does have a good story and emotional connection.  Impact is 8 out of 10.  

  4. Vanessa Timmer

    I’m of two minds with this video.  I really like the personal story, the voiceover, animations mixed with video, music, emotional connection and the suggestions in terms of different transportation options.  On the other hand, it is focused only on transportation and doesn’t depict the solutions very clearly.  She mentions bike sharing but not car sharing – what about solutions such as having work close to our homes?  It certainly is not a holistic approach; however, it is a good story and might be worth putting in.  5/10

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