Our Cities, Our Selves

The Institute for Transportation and Policy Development in New York commissioned architects in 10 cities to illustrate what sustainable development might look like at specific locations in each city. Sites are featured in Ahmedabad, India; Budapest; Buenos Aires; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; Guangzhou, China; Jakarta, Indonesia; Johannesburg, South Africa; Mexico City and New York.

The renderings include before and after examples of the selected sites. The example shown here is one of the “after” drawings of Central Station in Rio de Janeiro.

See the drawings for all 10 cities here.



  1. dwoollcombe

    1) Does it help
    people understand that we can “get there from here”? A bit – but not in a particularly compelling way: 3/10

    2) Does it offer
    a holistic vision? No – it is very scrappy for each of the cities. 2/10

    3) Does it help
    create an emotional as well as intellectual understanding of sustainable
    development?  Not at all – I hated the way that Rio looked – and New York did not look like the city I know and love. Budapest seemed alien – and Dar es Salaam was ludicrously fanciful. 1/10

  2. This one was alright, We liked that they focused on cities throughout the world instead of just one city. The pictures are a little unrealistic in some of them but the ideas are nice. This seems like a dream and not very similar to the cities we know or any cities we have seen before. Good idea but could be executed better 4/10

  3. Vanessa Timmer

    Great idea to capture a number of cities today (before photos) and then artists renditions (after images).  I find I am more attracted to the ones which are at the street level and that depict a more human experience of these neighbourhoods rather than the maps or models of communities from above.  I have a hard time unpacking what sustainability features have been added by just looking at the photos and find the most obvious choices have been emphasized – transport, green space.  Having said that I like the green New York and Ahmedabad’s overlay image and I think this is interesting because of its focus on different cities.  Even if people don’t like the future depicted, I think it stimulates questions about the future we want.

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  5. The example shown here is one of the “after” drawings of Central Station in Rio de Janeiro. Mike Burwell PWC

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