Author, theorist and philosopher Richard Register has been described as a pioneer of the “ecocity” movement, focused on cities whose designs are informed by knowledge of ecology. Register describes the image here as “Part of the new New Orleans rebuilt above the floods on 20 feet of elevated fill . A good solution that’s possible with pedestrian compactness and streetcars and bikes, but not possible as a scattered car infrastructure which would require far too much fill.”

If you’re interested in further background on Register’s concept of ecocities, see this interview.

Please apply our judging criteria to Register’s image above.



  1. dwoollcombe

    1) Does it help
    people understand that we can “get there from here”?  Not really – the image is much too crowded and messy in a small screen format. In a large wall mural format it might work, but not as a computer image. 2/10

    2) Does it offer
    a holistic vision? Yes – but almost too muddled to make much sense of. 3/10

    3) Does it help
    create an emotional as well as intellectual understanding of sustainable
    development? No – I don’t see myself in this picture. 2/10

  2. This picture didn’t really do much for us. The picture looks nice but it doesn’t really show anything we were looking for. There is no attachment to the picture for us and it doesn’t get the point across the FWW viewers are looking for. 3/10

  3. Vanessa Timmer

    Richard Register has actually developed a number of different key elements of an eco-city – this particular image is an overview that portrays a number of the elements in one image – the rooftop terrace, the density, green space, keyhole plazas.  I think that we should include the eco-city images with some text or voiceover that describe these elements.  I like the animated and hand drawn quality of these images and we can pair them with real photographs of these elements in cities around the world where Richard and Eco-City Builders have worked.

  4. Joseph

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