Submitted by Laura Baker from United States

Asbestos Exposure from Asbestos Mining has affected by family & thousands of families in Libby, Montana, USA, now under the US Declared 2009 Asbestos Health Emergency and 11+ years of EPA Superfund Cleanup that has also created the National Exposure Risk visit LibbyAsbestos.Org .. The World Health Organization states 123K are affected & 107K die each year from Asbestos Exposure Globally.. Uranium Contamination from the Uranium Mine on the Navajo Reservation in the state of Arizona, USA has also affected my Navajo family now under EPA Cleanup.

Rio+20 is a “Once In A Life Time” opportunity for me to share why I am Wishing for a Non Toxic World – That All Humanity depends on for a Healthy Co-Existance. Please Help Make My Wish For a Non-Toxic World A Reality – Thank You

  1. dwoollcombe

    Not sure what we’re looking at here.

    1) Does it help
    people understand that we can “get there from here”? No – 1/10

    2) Does it offer
    a holistic vision? No 0/10

    3) Does it help
    create an emotional as well as intellectual understanding of sustainable
    development? No 0/10

  2. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was used extensively throughout the 20th century for a number of military and industrial applications because of its durability and resistance to fire. Unfortunately, asbestos exposure has been found to be the primary cause of respiratory condition called asbestosis and an aggressive cancer that attacks the linings of the lungs, abdomen or heart known as mesothelioma.

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